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Got back on Gaiaonline, so now I’m doing Avi Art for Digital Pactice!
This is an OC who belongs to Bitter Sweet Contradiction
A quick drawing (for a digital novice like me at least) made after a friend of mine requested I draw our high school alter-egos in an Adventure Time inspired way.

Kiiten Play Adventures: BDSM Glossary M-Z



manga: Usually refers to comics when used in English, a style of drawing developed in Japan in the late 19th Century. Popular with sex/BDSM artists, depicting all kinds of sex, bondage, S&M acts. anime is the animated version.
masochist: A person who enjoys receiving pain or humiliation….

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A quick comic I made based on a car ride to my friend’s house out in the province. :)
Sorry about my handwriting. I am aware it’s all over the place.

Miss Representation a Film by Jennifer Newsom

A short film about the media and its role in shaping gender roles, and its effects on womyn.

I think everyone should spare 9 minutes of their day to take a look.

Dream Journal 4: Confusion

My dream last night was a perfect resection of how I feel about life in general right now.  There were 3 parts because I kept waking up and falling asleep again.


The first part of my dream that I remember very clearly was not the start, in fact there was a lot going on that eventually led to my leg becoming injured.  While everyone at home was able to leave, I was left in the house alone to recover.

Then there are 2 people who rush in to my house and scoop me up from my bed and bring me in to the backseat of a car. Inside the small car a lean man in his late twenties, head shaved and sporting a small beard is waiting for me.  I see in his eyes that he looks a little crazed.  Obviously he’s the leader of this whole thing, and the 2 lackeys get in to the car and we drive off.

I ask the man what’s going on. He tells me that he’s been trying to hunt me down because he had fallen in love with me. I was shocked. I asked him why he couldn’t just have gone up to me in a public area and gotten to know me like a regular person.  What he said surprised me, and because it was a dream it felt like a romantic moment rather than a scary one.
He said something around the lines that when you found the one, you needed to go all out and find that person and make them yours.  His exact wording, I no longer remember.


I wake up one day and the house feels strange.  I see my mother and youngest brother going in to the master’s bedroom with a hired helper.  I go to the dinning room to grab some breakfast when a monkey suddenly appears and starts looking at the food as well.

I run out of the dinning room shouting to my mother, who doesn’t seem to hear me.  In my wake the monkey follows, bouncing off the furniture. I see that my mother’s room has a glass door blocking my cries. I rush in to her room and ask if the monkey was why all the doors were closed. My mom says yes, but carries on as if nothing is weird about having a monkey in the house in the middle of the city.

Confused and annoyed, I leave her room and try to get in to mine without letting the monkey in. I fail. Once inside my room the monkey proceeds to go bananas in there and when I start screaming the monkey stops he looks at me and asks why I’m freaking out so much. Apparently it’s not so weird because the monkey is actually my bother.


I don’t even remember how it started anymore, but I know that I had a dream about how the powerpuff girls were created.  They were timeless creatures that the professor only altered to look cuter. My dream involved Buttercup making a prince from an old dessert kingdom fall in love with her. Then she morphed in to a shadow being that said she was the former baby of a thieves guild.  As a shadow she unlocked the door to the castle’s treasury and let all the thieves in.  The prince watched helplessly as thieves scooped up his family’s wealth, but in the end Buttercup took down each of the thieves with a gold, jewel encrusted hammer.

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silly, drunken twitter rants converted to comic form :)

I’m sure we’ve all felt this way at one point or another :)